When I was a child my parents used to take me to Jauja’s main square (la plaza). After more than 25 years I had to make an unplanned visit to Peru, given some family health issues. I began to reacquaint myself with the city of my childhood. My yearn for emoliente drove me on a quest. At first, I went to the main square and did not find them. I was told that city officials had relegated the emoliente street vendors to el puente, it was a good 6 blocks away. It was a cold afternoon but I managed to make my way over to the desired location and finally found the sight of an emoliente shop teeming with customers. After a long wait, It was finally my turn to get my order of emoliente.
A kind young man dispatched and served the hot drink.
The taste, the service, the experience everything was as I had envisioned.
Noticing the distinct features of this young man I began to inquire about his origins. Without missing a step he managed to have a conversation and tend to his shop, he told me that he was the product of an Afro-Peruvian dad and Jaujino mom and that he was proud of his roots. He told me that he was a rapper (MC) and a student of hiphop, inspired by his African ancestry. He also told me that this was his mother’s business and that he was thankful to help her while he studies civil engineering at the Universidad Continental.
During my teen years as I made my way through the American experience hip hop and grunge were the soundtrack of my high school years. I began to ask him about his hip hop influences he mentioned Tupac and Biggie, I was eager to ask him if he had heard of Busta Rhymes but I understood that he was working and I left him alone. Years later I contacted him because I am always interested in finding those individuals that are content creators. He goes by the name Psycho Jaujino. Here is his latest video.

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