Organic Medicinal Herb Cataloging and Small Scale Farming Project


The area of ​​Jauja and its surroundings, due to its varied climate, its productive lands and the great variety of plants it has, offers us a series of medicinal herbs that the people of the area know very well, especially the elderly. This tradition of using, protecting and reproducing herbs has been lost with the introduction of modernity and chemical fertilizers. However, people are becoming aware of the need to reconnect with nature and to take all that it offers us, but at the same time they must become aware of the need to protect and respect it.

The present project seeks in the first place to reproduce the medicinal herbs of the area to offer them to the general population; It also seeks to protect the germplasm that has been depleted by uncontrolled urbanization and by the effects of climate; The project also seeks to offer an opportunity to obtain economic income through the production and sale of indigenous Andean medicinal herbs and finally it seeks to develop a plan to create an application at the service of the population that allows them to know all of the benefits of medicinal herbs including information on how they grow, where they grow and how they can acquire and use them.


Conserve and catalog the germplasm of medicinal herbs in the Jauja area

Provide an economic opportunity to farmers in the area

Plan the creation of an application to consult the health benefits of different medicinal herbs

Create a self-sustaining local market where small scale organic farmers can reproduce the medicinal herbs of the Jauja area to sell