To promote science, technology and the arts among youth in the Andes, fostering a new dialogue between outstanding creators and innovators from Andean regions and renowned scientists, programmers, and artists from abroad- through conferences and workshops. Also, promoting the development of original projects with an emphasis on our identity and our environment

Hamutayta, sacri ruraykunata hinaspa kapchiykunata Antipi kaq maqtakunaman sipaskunaman  riqsichinapaq, rimanakuyta apamuspa, amawtakunata , kamaqkunata hinaspa huk suyumanta kaq ancha riqsisqa kapchiqkunata tupanakaykachispa chaynallataq alli-allin musuq ruraykunata puririchiqkunapa yanapakuyninwan. Chaynallataq musuq ruraykunata kallpanchanapaq imaynam kasqanchikta hinaspa mama pachanchikta yupaychanapaq.

Promover la ciencia,  tecnología y las artes entre los jóvenes de los Andes, fomentando un nuevo diálogo entre innovadores y creadores sobresalientes de las regiones andinas con científicos, programadores, académicos y artistas de renombre en el  extranjero – a través de      conferencias y talleres. También incentivar el desarrollo de proyectos originales con un enfoque desde nuestra identidad y medio ambiente

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Celebrating Andean heritage with an emphasis on the reevaluation of its sciences and technologies

Kuyayky Foundation


Adriana Céspedez
Bioengineer and Biomedical Engineer

Apolo Bautista
Cinematographer and co-founder of Ciaorosé a film-production house in Ayacucho, Peru.

Benjamin Ordoñez
Member of Kuyayky in Jauja. Farmer, scientist, and has developed a self-sufficient sustainable house.

Natalie Gil
MIT Sloan Fellow in Innovation and Global Leadership. CTO at Auna and Darshana, Inc.

Rubén Enriquez Condori
Creator and founder of Quechua Estudio, with a series of social media channels with thousands of followers. Innovator and educator, Ruben has researched and worked on  different pedagogy alternatives to teach and learn languages

Carlos Arguelles

Physicist & Researcher. Professor at Harvard University

MIlagros Melgar
Short-film  producer, specialized in script and stop motion animation. Co-founder of Rueca – Cultural Association. In 2020, she won the Short Film Projects award from the Ministry of Culture with the “Cora” project. Currently, she is in the development of the “Hilando Miradas” project, winner of the Cultural Management award of the Ministry of Culture 2022.

Anthony Fernandez
Engineering Lead @ Dell Technologies working on areas of Cloud Integration and Solutions.

Juan Carlos Toro
Cinematographer and co-founder of Ciaorose, a film-production house in Ayacucho, Peru.

Sofia Vega Zanca
Quechua FLTA Fulbright Scholar

Monica Cordero Bonilla
Software Engineer

Heidi Yupanqui Bonilla
Information Technology Consulting and Software Engineer

Liliana Rivera
Software Engineer with more than 18 years leading Process and Technology teams. Expert in the Management of Process and Technology Optimization Projects in private and banking companies.

Milagros Torres Vargas
Agricultural Engineer, MBA, M.Sc.

David Villegas
Software Developer. Ph.D. in Computer Science from Florida International University.

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