Part of our mission is to support the creativity of indigenous Andean people today. To do so we create original concepts for live performances and recordings showcasing the distinct talents and creativity of native artists to worldwide audiences

These are some of our original productions:

Music Recordings:

Waqaypa: Sonidos del Alma Xauxa

Xauxa: Back to the Beginning

Live Productions:

Miami Raymi

Noqayku Wari

Inkarri: The prophecy of the last Inca’s return through dance.

Hanan Pacha:  From the lands of the Incas, a music and dance journey from the Argentinean Pampas to the Peruvian Andes

Taki Tushum: Tinkuchiwanchik Ñan

Taki Onqoy: Five Centuries Later the Native Music of the Americas Survives!

Miami Inclusive Arts Festival