Founded in February 2018 the Kuyayky Children’s Choir Jauja proposes to develop the inner ear to achieve a true integral musical formation with four-voice arrangements. This choir is a continuation of a project initiated in that 1980s the first polyphonic children’s choir of Jauja that won an unprecedented national price for children’s choirs in Peru. The choir is under the direction of Master Edda Hurtado (Edda Bonilla Peña) co-founder of the Kuyayky Foundation and renowned singer and songwriter of Jaujino vernacular music. In its repertoire, the choir rescues ancestral themes and original compositions of the Bonilla Peña ayllu and of Kuyayky’s own research and original compositions, such as its Andean Concert Mass premiered at the centenary syncretic celebration of Tayta Paca. This unpublished mass of 14 songs collects the musical diversity of Peru and its influences including the kashua, muliza, lando, Peruvian vals, huayno, herranza, marinera, and the paso doble.

The Kuyayky Children’s Choir Jauja is a project of the Kuyayky Foundation that offers free voice lessons and choral ensemble practice to children and youth in the province of Jauja in the Peruvian Andes.