YachayWorld was a prototype tool to connect youth from the town of Jauja, Peru, with professionals in the United States through video conferencing. Kids from various ages received lessons in subjects such as English, Computer Programming or Music.

Imanchay is a free-of-charge pilot phone application currently available in the Android Play store to help learn Quechua by playing games. It is a participatory application that stores vocabulary words and their pictorial equivalent. It has been used in a Quechua language course in the United States and the content was developed with the collaboration of Quechua scholars.

Regional classification of Andean folk songs based on CRF Model This project uses Machine Learning tools, namely Conditional Random Field to salvage, record, catalog, and analyze content. The project is currently collecting, digitalizing, and indexing a corpus of traditional works in order to create a diverse and complete dataset. The aim of this project is to be able to identify the rich variety of Peruvian Huayno musical styles in a quantifiable way. This projects hopes to incentivize others to further study the complexity of Huayno Music, thus leading in the near future to more sophisticated research and analysis techniques, such as machine learning, or the use of text mining tools in the study of Andean musical culture.