Kuyayky’s story began in the 1970’s when Jose Hurtado Zamudio, a university professor and musicologist, married educator and singer Edda Bonilla Peña (of the Conjunto Alma Jaujina). Deeply committed to fostering the arts and culture in Peru, Jose and Edda embarked their efforts on forming choirs and musical groups throughout Peru’s central region. Continue reading...
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Nevado de Huaytapallana - Junin, 5100 msnm
Official Trailer in English "The Water Song" - by @kuyaykyfnd . Co-produced with @ciaorose.producciones

In the Andes our ancestors understood that water was the matrix of life, for millennia we have talked, sung, and grown with it reciprocally as an ayllu. Knowing that water is fundamental for all living beings. Today, as our glaciers are disappearing, we once again meditate with our harawi and hualina songs to reconnect with our ancestral knowledge systems #YakuTaki #TheWaterSong #Kuyayky

#ComingSoon #ciaoroseproducciones #August2024 #indigenousknowledgesystems #water #yakumama #unu #WeAreStillHere
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The Water Song - Trailer Oficial #MuyPronto #indigenousknowledge #water #yakumama #unu
En los Andes nuestros antepasados entendieron que el agua era la matriz de la vida, por milenia hemos conversado, cantado, bailado y crecido con ella. Sabíendo que es fundamental para todos los seres vivos. Hoy que nuestros glaciares van desapareciendo, meditamos con nuestros wallallos y hualinas para reconectarnos con nuestro conocimiento ancestral.
#YakuTaki #TheWaterSong #Kuyayky
#ComingSoon #ciaoroseproducciones #August2024
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Recordando a todos que aún seguimos recibiendo los cuentos e historias para convertirlos en cortometrajes durante la segunda fase de Kuyayky START Labs 2024! El plazo de éste concurso se vence el 18 de julio. Aquí las bases y el enlace para poder enviarnos sus cuentos! https://forms.gle/1ZMhmSSJoZT7i6b8A
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Feliz Día del Maestro
Venimos de un gran legado de educadores que por siglos han trabajado por un mejor país.
Aquí un homenaje con un tema de nuestro padre, otro gran maestro, Jose Hurtado

Honored to be able to sing together as an ayllu and this time with our young Kuyayky Children's and Youth Orchestra first violin Said Montejo Rosales and even moreso with the incredibly talented Maestro Arón Mucha in the saxophone! The type of collaboration we could only dream of. Waqaypaq!
The single of "Amauta" will hopefully be released and mixed at a later date.
#DíaDelMaestro #Kuyaykyayllu #Jauja #jaujinos #originalmusic
kuyayky2 weeks ago
Sharing these images from our Kuyayky Children's and Youth Orchestra Jauja tenth anniversary concert gala!
So grateful to Brando A. Pardo from Ciaorosé for these incredible images capturing the magic of the night🙌🏾🎉❤️ Allinpuni Kuyayky ayllu 🙌🏾
kuyayky3 weeks ago
Jauja, Junín - Perú
Overjoyed after finishing our instrumental music laboratories with #kuyaykystartlabs invited Maestros @rafaelreyesperu and his team from @rracademyperu (@emiliozapataschiappacasse @sebasneedsreeds @pyxelzzz). We also had the immense honor of hosting Maestro @aron_mucha_sax and his legendary father Maestro Migdol Mucha. Here with our Kuyayky Children's and Youth Orchestra kids and students from San Jose de Jauja. Kallpawan ayllu! Kallpawan warmakuna!
#Kuyayky #kuyaykyfoundation
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