Kuyayky’s story began in the 1970’s when Jose Hurtado Zamudio, a university professor and musicologist, married educator and singer Edda Bonilla Peña (of the Conjunto Alma Jaujina). Deeply committed to fostering the arts and culture in Peru, Jose and Edda embarked their efforts on forming choirs and musical groups throughout Peru’s central region. Continue reading...
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We had to come back early, but we really enjoyed our time at the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages Week Celebration at Penn organized by Quechua Penn. The symposium is still going on and you can access some of the talks live here: https://youtu.be/vVATlX60Tlc. Special thanks to Américo Americo whose work on organizing and promoting these type of events is just not celebrated enough.
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"Takitam uyariyta munani".. As we participate at the "Indigenous Languages Week" organized by Quechua at Penn, we would like to thank and highlight the work of YouTuber Ruben Enriquez Condori and his YouTube channel Quechua estudio. Thank you for recommending our music. Gracias!
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Irvine Auditorium
Join us this Saturday at the University of Pennsylvania for the U.S. debut of our new album Waqaypa: Sonidos del Alma Xauxa ! Llapanchik hakusun!
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As we got used to our new city, our mother Edda always made sure that we never strayed away from the Peruvian community. We reluctantly complied at first as we accompanied the mass of the Señor de los Milagros year after year in October singing the mass composed by our mother and completed later by us. But one year seemed special, there was an added air of true fellowship amongst the parishioners and the overall public. We knew that communion was quickly approaching so we asked those around us if there was a cajonero to play with us the "Cordero de Dios"a song we composed with an air of lando. Mariluz played both the quena and cajon in the same song; therefore, there was no cajon beat while she played her quena. To our relief a very young man named Peter Alexander emerged from the crowd and volunteered himself to play with us. As we performed the song we quickly realized how much of a musical connection we had with Peter.
All the right musical elements were in place, the crowd's reaction made this performance a remarkable experience. The people at the mass also responded to the music, suddenly clapping to the beat as we at the same time made every attempt to not to turn this mass into a raucous party, we did not want to outshine the priest. In a moment of true elation the crowd pulled out white handkerchiefs and started waving them to the beat of the song, as if it was perfectly rehearsed. This was was truly one of the best experiences performing we have ever had.

Note: The song posted below is not the same song, but given the homage to the Señor de los Milagros recording it evoked this experience for us.
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