Master Dance Instructors Biographies
Betty Caloretti was born in Ayacucho, Peru on September 1, 1955. Her passion for folk dancing began when she was 15 years old and since then she has been immersed in the folk dance culture. Two years after she entered the University of Lima to study Business Administration, she abandoned the school to pursue a career in folklore. In 1978, she began a more formal training under the tutelage of Master Elvis Ore, a researcher of folk dances from the Central Andes of Peru, who had studied at San Marcos University. Mr. Ore was the director and founder of the "Grupo Centro Universitario Huancayo," a pioneer folk dance company in Lima that was formed by students from different universities.
In the same year, Ms Caloretti entered the National School of Folklore where she graduated in 1982 as a Professor of Folk Dances, History, Customs and Performance. From 1983 to 1986, Ms. Caloretti studied folk dances and sikus at the Altura's Folklore Experimental School. Due to her exceptional talent, she was constantly hired to teach at different schools and universities in diverse areas varying from shantytowns, where she donated her time, to the most affluent and prestigious schools and universities. From 1986 to 1992, she worked as a dance instructor of NACPUCP at the Pontifical University of Peru. As a performer and instructor, Ms. Caloretti was honored with several awards at the National Encounter of Universitary Folklore and she was also selected to perform during the visit of Pope John Paul II, during his visit to Peru.

Maximo Rivera Galdos was born in Lima, Peru on November 5, 1977.  He began his professional dance career when he was only 6 years old as part of the CEP Peruvian Folklore Dance Ensemble of Alcides Vigo Hurtado in Lima. In 1988, he studied under the direction of the National Marinera Champion of Champions, Nestor Ruiz. In 1990, Maximo and his family moved to the city of Trujillo- where he studied under the direction of one of the most recognized Marinera Champion of Champions, Victor "Chino" Calderon. Ever since then, Mr. Rivera ascended in the dance world, participating in numerous dance competitions nationally and internationally. A graduate of the Universtiy of Lima in Computer Science, Mr. Rivera never abandoned his passion for dancing and played an important role in well known Peruvian dance companies such us the Compania de Danzas Folkloricas” and “Asi es mi Peru.” After winning the most important championship in Marinera in Trujillo in 1993, Mr. Rivera together with his brother, Felix Rivera, opened the dance academy, “Se Llama Peru –Tradicion y Sentimiento.”

After he moved to Florida in 2008, Mr. Rivera continued performing and teaching dance to children, young and adults.

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